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Who I am

Welcome friends! It’s Emre. The guy who worked as an engineer in the tire industry but doesn’t get on with the corporate identity of himself.

Off-Road All Terrain Tire Reviews

On-Road All Terrain Tire Reviews

Michelin LTX AT2 Review

As a former Bridgestone field inspector, I’ve seen my fair share of all-terrain tires promising both off-road prowess and highway comfort. Yet, the Michelin LTX

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Rugged-Terrain Tire Reviews

Nitto Ridge Grappler Review

Nitto Ridge Grappler is a rugged-terrain tire that is developed for SUVs, Jeeps, and pickup trucks. Rugged-terrain tires place somewhere between all-terrain and mud-terrain tires.

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Highway Tire Reviews

All Terrain Tire Comparisons

All-Weather Tire Reviews

All-Season Tire Reviews

Laufenn S Fit AS Review

Laufenn S Fit AS is an ultra-high-performance(UHP) tire that offers year-round performance. The tire is specially designed for performance-focused sedans, sports cars, and sports coupes. 

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Passenger Tire Comparisons

Tire Talk - Tips & Guides

Are All-Terrain Tires Loud?

All-terrain tires are designed to strike a balance between off-road and on-road performance. Their aggressive tread patterns and shoulder blocks are geared toward providing excellent

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