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Who I am

Welcome friends! It’s Emre. The guy who worked as an engineer in the tire industry but doesn’t get on with the corporate identity of himself.

Off-Road All Terrain Tire Reviews

Kenda Klever AT2 Review

Kenda Klever AT2 is the latest off-road all terrain tire from Kenda. Its predecessor, the Klever A/T, had significant voids that resulted in excessive noise.

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On-Road All Terrain Tire Reviews

Rugged-Terrain Tire Reviews

Highway Tire Reviews

All Terrain Tire Comparisons

Cooper ATW vs AT3

Either Cooper ATW or AT3, both perform perfectly on and off-road conditions. Well, the bad news is Cooper ATW is discontinued. In that case, I

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All-Weather Tire Reviews

All-Season Tire Reviews

Passenger Tire Comparisons

Tire Talk - Tips & Guides

What is 3PMSF Symbol?

Every car owner knows that choosing the right tires is crucial. Among various tire markings, there’s one that stands out especially for winter conditions: the

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